About Patisserie Liberté

Our Story

It’s not often that we write stories about our businesses, but this one is worth saying.


Back in the 1950s, my grandfather Sahraoui Aissani started his career at the Aletti Hotel and Casino in Algiers (which was then held under French occupation). He was very passionate about his job, and always striving to offer the best to customers.


Immediately after the independence of Algeria in 1962, he decided to start his own business, a French coffee shop and restaurant. He established Liberté (which means Freedom). During the next three decades, the business had grown well and became famous.


By the mid 1980s, my grandfather passed away and the business transferred under a new management Team, and was then sold to a new owner a few years later.


No surprise then, that after almost two decades, we decided to re-establish Patisserie Liberté in Manchester UK and offer to our customers French products and services of the best quality.


I am sure my grandfather would be proud of this achievement if he were with us today.


Ahmed Zeharaoui

Managing Director of Patisserie Liberté

Our Concept and Philosophy

We strive to serve every single guest with the best variety of fresh homemade food, great coffee and high quality patisseries at a reasonable price, in an easy, attractive, clean and friendly atmosphere.


Our talented baristas and chefs, use only fresh and high quality ingredients. We can achieve our goal only with inspired and passionate staff. Our utmost goal is total satisfaction of our guests.



Operating Objectives


When you receive guests at home, you offer them the best of what you have to eat and drink. Every moment of the day, we seek guest satisfaction. That’s why we do our utmost to let our customers feel they got more than what they expected.


A satisfied customer is our satisfaction. Please tell us if you are not satisfied and we will do our best to change our mistakes.

Our Mission and Vision



  • Offer to our customers on a daily basis the highest quality of service, fresh hand made food as well as a comfortable and safe place to sit.
  • Treat our employees with dignity and respect to let them feel proud and enjoy working with us.
  • We will always welcome newcomers and regret to see one of our members leaving us.




  • We believe in the sustainability of our project and a respectable position we occupy in the market place.
  • Our quality will never be compromised; therefore, we continue to invest in our collaborators as well as on the best materials and equipment.
  • By proposing this concept of in-house made patisseries and food, we strive to offer a better alternative to our customers.